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How POLEtice began…From the creator of Dirty Girl POLEtice

Watch the video of Summer explaining how POLEtice Dirty Girl Original can be re-hydrated. Did you know that you can take the lid off and let it dry out completely? It will not degrade the quality of our product. This amazing powder product is not just for your hands! It is safe to use all over your body, anywhere that sweat is a problem! Summer demonstrates how easy it is to remix water into your POLEtice Dirty Girl Original once it has been allowed to dry.

“POLEtice actually started by accident!   I am very sensitive to chemicals & fragrances.  I have a condition called peri-oral dermatitis.  I’m so sensitive that I’ve even had to give up toothpaste with fluoride and SLS in it!  One day, while testing different things, I made a mask trying to get rid of my dermatitis (I was desperate that this point and Dr’s weren’t helping), I noticed that when I used a main ingredient in DGP not only was my face not oily but my hands had a unique “feel” to them after I rinsed it off.Then it clicked…that “feeling” was my hands NOT SWEATING!  Now as far as sweaty hands go, mine aren’t too bad.  But there are days when I’m so sweaty I will slide off the pole.  I did some more research (I’m a research fanatic!) and found that what I had was a natural “anti-sweating” compound.  So I decided to test this out with others that truly had sweaty hands, even those with true hyperhidrosis.  The results have been amazing!

What we find is that those with truly sweaty palms actually get a neat sort of “tack” when they do start to sweat!  That was actually a welcome surprise to me!

POLEtice, or Dirty Girl Poletice, is a true anti-sweating pre-pole (pre-activity) hand mask.  You can use it anywhere on your body that you sweat!  It is ALL natural, naturally organic, so you can feel safe putting it on your skin.  We have searched for the purest product available!

Dirty Girl guarantees our product.  We realize not every product is great for every person.  We are all unique, as is our skin.  We truly do feel that this is the answer for sweaty palms, though!” — Summer

No Sweat!

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