About Summer

A note from Summer

“Curious cat are ya?  This is my pole story.  It’s a long one, so sit back and relax.  Grab a cup of coffee.  It’s not your typical story…Hi!  My name is Summer and I’m the creator of Dirty Girl POLEtice.  I am also the founder of Diva Den Studio in Portland, OR and soon to be pole clothing designer of Teaze Pole Wear. I am a married, mother of 3 children living and playing in the Portland,Oregon / Vancouver, Wa area!

My fascination with pole dancing came to light years ago when I saw Sheila Kelley of the S Factor on Oprah..like many other women, I just HAD to learn more about this beautiful art form.  I had seen it in clubs & on TV/Movies, but never thought that I, the Stay at Home Mom, could ever pole dance. So off to get a pole I did!  I am completely self taught. I observed & studied dancers in person and on the internet (which when I started there wasn’t much!).  To my surprise, I picked it up very fast! It all felt very natural to me.  I’ve had several bumps along the way.  Of course I had the typical bumps and bruises that we all get, I’ve added to the collection of a torn abnominal wall and herniation (yes, if you’ve heard that story, that’s me!), I’ve got a nasty bone bruise on my heel (those darn handsprings!) etc etc.  Yup, that’s me, clutzy Summer!  But there is more to my story, hopefully it can inspire others to find what they love to better themselves…

                      MOM Exposed…

I get asked a lot about why I got into this crazy pole dance thing.  You already know the “how”, so I thought I’d “expose” myself a bit more, especially for you moms out there.As I got closer to 30, I started to feel really down about myself.  Here I was with 3 kids, the third one took a toll on my body.  I looked at pictures of me before I had my first and got really sad.  Where was THAT girl?  Where was THAT body?  She was gone.  She’s a mom now….and she’s lost. Well, so I thought.  I finally hit a point.  I was NOT going to be the woman who’s entire life was her kids, the one who never does anything for herself, the one who looks like the “perfect” mother who’s always happy on the outside, even when she hasn’t showered in 2 days, with about 10 loads of laundry on the couch to fold and about 10 more to wash, the sink is full of dishes, and…well, you get the point.

Believe me, I LOVE my kids with every fiber of my being and would die for them.

But what about me?  I never would buy myself anything, if I ever got money, I’d run to the store and get the kids some clothes or something that I thought they “needed”.  Even my mom gave me money for my birthday one year and made me promise to buy myself something, that it’s NOT for the kids! HAHA

So when I found pole dancing, I found myself again.

I AM sexy, even though my body wasn’t like my 21 yr old body from years before (although I wish I knew what had!).  I FELT sexy!  I hold my head higher, I stand more confident, my posture is fantastic now.  Now don’t get my wrong, my 36 yr old body doesn’t hold up as well as my 21 yr old body did.  But I am more confident now in the way that I walk, feel and present myself than I was 15 years ago.  I can deal with a few bruises, no biggie.  But I can’t deal with feeling…unfulfilled. At least when I’m pole dancing, it’s MY time.  It’s not time for laundry, dishes, husband, kids or stress.  It’s my time to learn a new trick, find a new pose and be free….and look damn good doing it. At least for that hour….

         Yes, There’s more…

So anyone that know’s me knows that I talk a lot, so of course, I write a lot too.

            This is a little note to all the fibromyalgia sufferers.

Yes, I have fibromyalgia.  I was diagnosed when I was 21 years old about a year after a car accident.  It wasn’t until I started pole dancing that my pain started truly easing. You already know how important exercise is for those of us that suffer, and believe me, I understand how hard it is to get moving when your whole body hurts so bad.  But I also understand that if you don’t move, you hurt more.You must get moving or you will never break out of the cycle of pain, can’t move, more pain, too tired to move, more pain, can’t move etc etc.  You have to find SOMETHING that will get you moving, for me it was Pole Dancing, for you, it could be anything, but just find something!!!   I also have come to find out that because of my FM, I can and do get hurt more easily (bad for me, good for my students since I can quickly tell them what NOT to do!)  But, I know what to do to keep myself from being in constant pain, I’ll take some tendonitis/bursitis over constant FM pain ANY day!  I can tell you that I know quite a few people that suffer from FM that are now pole dancing, almost pain free and sleeping well at night!

So on that note, what are you waiting for?  GET MOVING!