Skin – Keeping yours sexy and pole ready.

We all love showing skin at the studio. And, admit it, you check everyone else’s skin out. We have imperfections and these make us beautiful, but we are our own worst skin critic. We feel our skin is too dry, and apply moisturizers head to toe, only to wash them off so we can put our dry hands on. Or, we are oily and have fantasies about bathing in drying products. Whatever end of the pole you find yourself on, we all have skin that we love to pamper.

How much time have you spent thinking about what you put on your skin each day? That new ultra-rich moisturizer you just spent $17 on, do you know what is in it? Those funny chemical names, can you pronounce them? How often do you find yourself talking about parabens or phthalates at the studio? Can everyone pronounce phthalates? Say it 10 times fast.

Seriously, do you think twice about what manufacturers put in your favorite skin products? I never spent much mental energy on it, honestly, until things went very wrong. Last year, I noticed some red scaling on my shin. I didn’t really think much of it and slathered it with a popular lotion from the drug store. It kept getting more and more irritated and started to spread up my calf. Only after the skin split open did I seek medical advice. The answer? An allergy to formaldehyde.

Really? I thought this was just stuff we used to keep dead people from looking and smelling so bad. I never read the ingredient list, not once. I figured that because I purchased this lotion at my corner drugstore, it was safe. Not so.

We all want our skin to look beautiful, especially at the studio, or at pole events. We want silky smooth, flawless legs, arms, and torso. But what are we putting on our bodies to achieve this? What is in your pole grip? Dry hands are important, but so is my health. I started looking for chemical free alternatives to all the long, unreadable ingredients. I love my dry hands and legs, but now I look for quality, natural pole grips. Preferably something so safe, I can also allow my children to use it for their sweaty bodies.

My takeaway? Health comes before anything else. I am working out to get fit, after all. Why would I want to go and soak myself in things I can’t ever pronounce. Read labels people. Read about each and every chemical you put on the largest organ of your body. It is important.