Why Workout Playlists Change Results

Everyone has a playlist or two. And everyone has a playlist that they want YOU to love, too. But what about your workout playlist? Have you thought about how music moves you when you are active? What songs create positive mood changes? Once you have put on your pole grip and have dry hands, you should turn on the tunes.

You may not be surprised to know that music can affect the following:
1. Heart Rate
2. Blood Pressure
3. Metabolic Rate
4. Stress Levels
5. Fatigue

When we listen to music, the pulses or vibrations travel to the nerve centers in our brains. These pulses influence the brains response to stimuli and subconsciously travel back out to create movement and action.

Music can help take our minds away from our current environment, specifically, the negative stimuli. Music can cause a healthy distraction from extreme physical activity, annoying gym mates and smells that cause unpleasant reactions. Music can also create positive emotions, and conjure memories that foster motivational responses. Basically, listening to the correct music during your pole workout can push you harder.

When you are hot and sweaty, have taken a break to apply your pole grip, you are ready to go. Dry hands are required!

Looking to reduce stress and increase results? Turn on the tunes.