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Customer Testimonials.

“Hi Summer, I wanted to email you and let you know what an awesome product you have. I have used Dirty Girl Poletice on my hands during my last few practice sessions — Wow, what a huge difference! Today should have been a very sweaty hands day for me due to the higher humidity but after using Dirty Girl Poletice I didn’t have have to use any additional products for sweat. I worked out over an hour on pole including dancing, strength moves, stretches, spins and ending with a blind hand grab combo — all without having to stop and apply grip aid or wipe off my hands due to sweat! Throughout the entire practice, I had NO sweat on my hands which for me is amazing! I normally have to stop many times and dry off and apply Dry Hands which really interrupts practices of moves and especially routines. Now I just need to apply DGP to my shoulders and feet and I should be set. For someone who sweats like I do, DGP may be the key to actually being able to do a performance without having to figure out a way to hide or incorporate a “sweat rag” into the routine. Thank you so much for introducing this wonderful product for pole.Have a fantastic day!” — Suzanne

“I just have to say, thank you so much for creating the amazing Dirty Girl Poletice!! I have hyperhidrosis and have tried all sorts of hand grip aids and antiperspirants out there that polers swear by to combat the sweatiness, only for all of them to fail for me since I ended up sweating it off after 10 minutes. My confidence really lowered because I always slid straight off the pole whenever I tried to learn a new move. I bought this last week and tried it for the first time and was absolutely surprised by how well it worked! I was actually really skeptical about it because I thought ‘If the famous hand aids don’t work, how can the DGP work?’, but I gave it a go since everything else didn’t seem to work – and was happily proven wrong as it really does leave your hands dry! This is quality stuff! It has really boosted my confidence levels and now I feel that I can learn all the moves I wanted to without sliding.Thank you so much again; I’ll be trying to rave about this product to everyone! This has become my pole life saver! Xx” — Mary


“Call Barbara Corcoran this stuff is incredible. It should be featured everywhere from QVC to intimate apparel boutiques to stores like Sephora and Ulta. It’s such a versatile product from face mask to antiperspirant powder to blemish treatment and more. I found that if I’m in a rush I just take my blow dryer on the cool setting and it dries in 30sec tops. I use it for under the “girls” and also on my face on my t-zone to combat oil on hot days. This little powder has worked better than ANYTHING I’ve ever tried. I’ve purchased several high-end products in the past that don’t even come close to this. Utterly amazing. And naturally organic too, I could kiss you! Thank you, thank you. Xoxo” —  Kristin

“I have very sweaty palms and usually cover my pole in a thick coating of chalk which gets all over my clothes and hands, and is not very practical, but since buying DGP I have cut down to minimal to no chalk. I love this product and recommend to all my students and fellow polers, it is fab, thanks :)” — Sparky


“THIS STUFF ROCKSSSSS!!!!!!!     Hi, I’m another Dirty Girl Poletice fan! I picked up a bottle from Summer at the Pole Expo and I’m so glad I did. I think I’ve tried everything except the vinegar because ewww I don’t think I can handle the smell 😛  I have hyperhidrosis and I live in super humid Hawaii which makes both me and the pole sweat! I used it last night in a 4-hour pole jam with my friends and I was able to keep up. Loved your product!  I shared my thoughts in my Pole Product haul blog!”  ~KIKI’s Pole Blog 


“I’m very pleased to report that I used this product tonight and gave it the ultimate workout, Two hours of pole classes and I’m very impressed and will definitely recommend it to anyone who is poling, The only sweat issue I had was my scalp, it was pouring, the rest was perfect, I did not need ANY grip aid tonight and that for me is extra rare, I nailed just about every move and spin, TWO THUMBS UP!” ~Pte


 “OMG this stuff is amazing!!! Definitely going to be recommending it to my fellow sweaty friends. Been dancing for 20 minutes now and still no sign of sweaty palms. WOOHOO AND THANK YOU!!!”  ~Catherine P.