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Tester Reviews of POLEtice


“So far the feedback is really good….. Definitely reduces sweating more than what they’ve used so far and they are excited about it. Had another girl try it last night and it worked really well for her.
 Next question they are all asking…when will it be available for purchase/when can we get more?“
Mary Ellen Weissman –Empowerment Through Exotic Dance owner speaking for her clients


“Summer, held up in humid FL!” “Worked for three workshops 75 min each :)”
~Aerial Amy – Pole Instructor & Pole Blogger


“Wow!!!! Love the stuff!! I took my medication and tried it out the hand mask you sent me. Also drank a big tall hot yerbe mate (cause caffeine plus my meds make me even sweatier) and it was the BEST thing I have ever tried. My hands weren’t clammy and sweaty. They even had a sort of tack to them that I have never felt before. Love this stuff. Woo hoo. Can’t wait to use it tomorrow for practice. Thanks, Summer!!!”
Angela of Divine Movement Dance


Here’s our first yoga testimonial from a sweaty yoga lover…

“Just finished my yoga and my assessment is: OMG, it provided a light amount of grip, just enough to make me feel comfortable in my moves. I was able to go deeper and felt confident doing so. I am ordering my own girly bottle! YAY! Loved it! I found that some of the sweat found its way from say, my leg, to my hands, it dried within seconds and provided continuous grip. I am sold. It’s awesome.” Ahmad-Daniel Santos ~ Clothing Designer