Sweat, Sweat, and No More Sweat!

Look, we all sweat. It is just part of working out. But when sweat happens in places that hinder performance, it is no longer just annoying. It becomes a distraction and prevention to success. It is impossible to learn a new skill when you can’t even grab the pole,silk or barre.

Pole lovers, novice and experienced, all struggle with sweat. How the more seasoned pole instructors, athletes, and professionals deal with sweaty palms could be the key to their ability to go big with their pole moves.

Dry hands are vital to your ability to learn new skills. When you are slipping off the pole, you leave yourself open to injury and frustration. When you have to keep applying grip to have dry hands, it can be equally frustrating. What are your tricks to staying sweat-free?

Sweat is not just a palm problem. As any pole athlete knows, it can cause problems when legs, back, and arms are damp and slippery. Some athletes sweat more than others and require more skin drying agents.

What are your tricks for staying dry at the studio? What grips does your studio allow you to use on the pole? Are your dry hands enough or do you need a dry body? We would love to hear your tips and tricks for staying sweat-free at the pole studio!